Floral arrangements for hire

Premium artificial flowers and botanicals

IOur exceptional corporate arrangements hire program is what you need for your business.

Do you own, or are in control of the styling of a hotel, school, restaurant, winery,medical office, car dealer or anything else where you are dealing with day to day customers? We will have you covered with bespoke arrangements that will stand out from the rest.

We have uniquely and individually designed and styled arrangements that will compliment your area and give it that wow factor. 

We will swap your arrangements over every month, unless you require a different frequency, but always without hassle.


Please contact us to see if you are within our delivery range. We would love to accommodate for you. 


Medium Arrangement: $48 per month

large Arrangement: $54 per month

XL Arrangement: $59 per month

Deluxe Arrangement: $70 and up per month

Complimentary Small Arrangement: $29 per month (only in conjunction with any of the above arrangements).