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Frequent Asked Questions

  • How is Decodays Faux Flower Studio different from other florists?
    The craft of faux flowers has developed to a near-perfect artform. Made from quality fabrics such as silk and velvet, if arranged with care, the imitation flora can be indistinguishable from fresh blooms. Wendy Rullmann, whose company Decodays creates stunning faux flowers, believes the only limitation is a psychological one: “They are not fresh. For some brides this could be a valid consideration.” But beyond this, faux flowers have a lot to offer couples searching for the perfect bouquet or floral arbour for their special day – including those that are allergy-sensitive.
  • Does Decodays faux flower studio deliver nationally?
    Postage throughout Australia is possible only for certain items. We currently only deliver in Pakenham.
  • Do Decodays have a minimum amount for Hire?
    The minimum amount for hire a set of flowers to enhance you big day is $800.
  • Is it possible to hire only an arche (without) flowers?
    Decoday has only arches including flowers for hire, however it is possible to hire flowerbouquets whithout an arche.
  • Where can I find an interview with Decodays
    You can find a wonderful interview with Wendy Adriana in "Melbourne's Wedding & Bride Magazine". Follow this link: Interview with the Artist Wendy Adriana of Decodays!
  • Where can I find a statement about Decodays?
    You can find a statement about Decoday in "Melbourne's Wedding & Bride Magazine". Follow this link: Interview with the Artist Wendy Adriana of Decodays!
  • Why do the colours of my flowers look different after the bouquet has been made?
    Usually the bride takes photos of the draft bouquet inside. This is artificial lighting. For social media purpuses i take the finished bouquets outside in natural light. And even taking photos in the morning or the afternoon, sun or shade, these will all effect the shade of the flower colour. I will never ever change a flower, not one, without your consent :)
  • Why should i book a year in advance?
    Decodays offer ceremony and reception florals for hire to match your bouquets and personal colour scheme. I do all the wedding styling myself and when a date is snapped up, thats ususally the only wedding I can do for the day. When your florals are done, you can have them in advance.
  • Why is my deposit non-rundable?
    My consult is for free but in case of cancelation I think its fair that I get paid for my time, and for the flowers wich are already cut to size en organised in different bouquets.
  • How much do I have to deposit?
    The deposit is 50% of the total price. We choose your flowers during the consult (year ahead sometimes). All flowers are stored, enough for all bouquets setups styling etc. Flowers are cut to size. If not enough, they will be ordered in. They sit in the backroom for all that time for your big day.
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